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...Une qualité qui frise la poésie.

Le Voir

...L'union est parfaite comme le propos musical.

Journal de Montréal

...Perfectly idiomatic and lovingly played.

Audiophile Audition


Collection Jean-Guy Boisvert

Original works for young clarinetists from renowned canadian composers

From the Conservatoire de musique de Trois-Rivières to professional life

I had the privilege to study with exceptional artists who have shaped my musical personality.


From each of them I have kept one meaningful idea ...


The role of the true musician is to comunicate the beauty, in masterpieces and even more in lesser works.

He was my very first teacher at the Conservatoire. Often I arrived early and could hear him practice.


Supreme elegance. Magic moments, and no matter what he played, Brahms, Widor, Messager, a simple scale.


Playing clarinet is a spiritual experience.

He taught at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. A teacher as demanding of his students than of himself. A philosophy of the music and career without compromise. Even today his recording of the Brahms quintet,  is maybe the most refined and always a source of inspiration.


How can I help you today?

For me, the absolute master that I admire unreservedly. He always knew what to say to get you to the next step. Because of diabeles, he was blind and could not play for more than very short periods at a time.


Despite this, I think I never heard anything more beautiful than the solo of Schubert's Ninth Symphony in his studio in Chicago. A few seconds of pure,,, spiritual  beauty.


I had the privilege of working in Kürten some of the works by Stockhausen with this exceptional musician and also to see and hear live concerts of the music of that creative giant. Yes, the Stockhausen concerts by musicians of Licht have to be seen as well as being heard. These are incomparable events!


What I learned from Suzanne : her joy of playing and her total commitment to this music that truly fascinates me and that I dare describe as magical.

You are what you play! Choose the music that will feed your soul  and make you grow .




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