Particularly interested in 20th-century music, Jean-Guy Boisvert has premiered more than three  hundred Canadian works. His enthousiastic approach to new music had led to numerous commissions to famed Canadian composers from miniature works to concertos.


In 1993, he records a first CD Zodiac (Stockhausen, Boucourechliev, Donald Steven and Bruce Pennycook). With support from Canada Council follows, in 2004, Amours, (premiere recording of solos by Canadian composers Denis Gougeon, Christos Hatzis, Jacques Hétu, Alcides Lanza, and the 1970’s eponyme work by Stockhausen) and in 2007, with the Bozzini Quartet, Le livre des mélancolies (Tim Brady, Piotr Grella-Mozejko and Jean Lesage). In 2013 with flutist Christiane Laflamme and pianist and harpsichordist Jean-Willy Kunz, Duo - Koechlin presents miniature works by French composers Charles Koechlin, Eugène Bozza, Jean Cartan, Jean Rivier and Florent Schmitt.

In 2021, the first recording of La belle aventure offers 29 miniatures for solo clarinet resulting from commissions to Michalis Andronikou, Simon Bertrand, Éric Champagne, Hope Lee, Jean Lesage, Robert Lemay and Bruce Mather. Also in 2021, the second recording of La belle aventure offers suites by Richard Gibson, Nicolas Gilbert, François-Hugues Leclair and Alain Perron.

La belle aventure is, in the end, a collection of over 150 works published by Doberman Yppan. (

His upcoming project, inspired by Vivaldi's Quattro stagioni, is a set of poetic sonatas for clarinet, piano and actor combining music and poetry.


Jean-Guy Boisvert has performed extensively the more traditional repertoire with Alcan, Bozzini, Colorado, Laval, Arthur Leblanc and Penderecki quartets, pianists Valentin Bogolubov, David Despringres, Marc Durand, Suzanne Goyette, Jean Marchand, John Newmark and Lorraine Prieur among others.


A graduate of the Conservatoire de musique du Québec and London's Guildhall School of Music, Jean-Guy Boisvert holds a Doctorate in contemporary music performance from the Université de Montréal. He has studied with such diverse musicians as Robert Crowley, Rafaëlle Masella, Yona Ettlinger, Robert Marcellus and Suzan Stephens with whom he especially worked on the choreographic works of Stockhausen, including Harlekin.


He teaches clarinet, saxophone, chamber music  and music analysis at the Université de Moncton.

  • La belle aventure : 150 short works for young clarinetists,  covering the first 6 years of studies and more at the instrument, by the best canadian composers of today : Michalis Andronikou, Simon Bertrand, Éric Champagne, Derek Charke, José Evangelista, Richard Gibson, Nicolas Gilbert, André Hamel, Martin Kutnowski, François Hugues Leclair, Hope Lee, Robert Lemay, Jean Lesage, Mathieu Lussier, Bruce Mather, Samy Moussa, Norbert Palej, Alain Perron, Bruce Pennycook and Donald Steven...

    • La belle aventure, vol. 1, 29 solo pieces uploaded in March 2021

    • Music of vol 1 published by Doberman Yppan in 2018

    • La belle aventure, vol, 2, four suite dy Gibson, Gilbert, Leclair and Perron, uploaded in July-August 2021

    • Music for vol 2, published by Doberman Yppan in 2020 and 2021

  • Nicolas Gilbert : 7 pièces 

  • André Hamel : 4 Pièces

  • Martin Kutnowski : 8 Easy Latin American Dances

  • Samy Moussa : Pantagruel

    • premiered with pianist Philippe Prud'homme, March 2020

  •  M​ichalis Andronikou : Danzas Latinas

  • Simon Bertrand : 6 Études de caractère

  • Richard Gibson : Le bestiaire op 101 and Tricinia op 102

  • Donald Steven: Aubord des flots, scènes acadiennes d'autrefois

    • ​premiered with clarinettists Simon Bertrand, ​David Scott and Jérémie Arseneault, December 2019

  • Antoine Reicha : Grand Duo concertant, pour 2 clarinettes (si b et la ) et quatuor à cordes

    • Canadian premiere, ​ February 2018


  • Alexandre David : Rondel, pour 2 clarinettes (si b et la ) et quatuor à cordes

    • premiered in February 2018​


  • Richard Gibson, Winter Scenes, for clarinet and piano

  • François-Hugues Leclair : Visages de la paix op 52, pour clarinette et piano

  • José Evangelista : Monodias españolas, pour clarinette et piano

    • premiered with pianist Philippe Prud'homme, January 2018

  • François Hugues Leclair : Alas my love op 44, with string quartet ​​

  • Isabelle Panneton : Je vous ai vue rêver, with string quartet 

    •  premiered  with Tesla Quartet (USA), March 2017


  • Richard Gibson : Légendes acadiennes (2014)

    • New Brunswick tour with Ventus Machina (March 2014)


  • D. Andrew Stewart : Biameral Mind, prologue, with real time sound analysis, 2010

    • Salla Rosa, Montreal, june 2010


  • Richard Gibson : Quintet (2007)

    • New Brunswick tour with St John String Quartet, February and March 2010


  • Sean Ferguson : An Culloch Bàn, for Clarinet and Computer,

    • ICA Convention, Vancouver

    • 4th Canadian tour   « About my friend Max » (6 provinces)


  • Laurie Radford : Deflector, for clarinet and digital signal processing, 2003

    • 4th Canadian tour « About my friend Max »


  • Scott Wilson : Brennen, for clarinet and digital signal processing,

    • ICA Convention, Vancouver

    • 4th Canadian tour « About my friend Max »


  • D. Andrew Stewart : Biameral Mind, with real time sound analysis,

    • 4th Canadian tour  « About my friend Max »


  • Robert Lemay : Reliefs, for solo clarinet, 2000

    •   3rd Canadian tour « Dialogue de l’ombre double »


  • Alain Perron : Cycle 3,  for solo clarinet,  2000

    •  3rd Canadian tour « Dialogue de l’ombre double »


  • Alain Perron : 2000 et quelques poussières, with string orchestra

    • Orchestre de chambre de Québec


  • Timothy Brady : Slow dances, with string quarte

    • Chapelle historique du Bon Pasteur, Quatuor Bozzini


  • Bengt Hambraeus : Quintet - Remembering Reger,

    • Radio-Canada Concert , Euterpe string quartet, 1998


  • Bruce Mather : Quintette (1997),

    • Radio-Canada Concert , Penderecki String Quartet, 1997


    Piotr Grella-Mozejko : ...river to the ocean...

    • Radio-Canada Concert , Euterpe String quartet, 1996


  • David Eagle : Deepening through the silent spheres, with digital signal processing

    • 2nd Canadian tour 1995 « The interactive work »


  • Keith Hamel : Traces, with digital signal processing, 1994

    • 2nd Canadian tour 1995 « The interactive work »


  • Christos Hatzis : Melisma, for clarinet and drone, 1995

    • 2nd Canadian tour 1995 « The interactive work »


  • Alcides Lanza : ektenes III, for clarinet, tape and signal processing, 1995

    • 2nd Canadian tour 1995 « The interactive work »


  • Jean Piché : Sagittaire instantané, with DAT, 1993

    • 2nd Canadian tour 1995 « The interactive work »


  • Laurie Radford : Deflector, for clarinet and digital signal processing, 2003

    • 2nd Canadian tour 1995 « The interactive work »


  • Bruce Pennycook : Praescio IV, with digital signal processing,

    • ICA Convention in Quebec city


  • Denis Saindon : L’oiseau rouge, for MIDI wind controler  WX 7


  • Bédard, P. M. : 5 sonates for solo clarinet

  • Bédard, P.M. - Duo, for Bb and A clarinets


  • Bédard, P.M. Quintette à vent

  • Bellemare, G. - Argutie,  for chamber ensemblee


  • Bellemare, G - Zones, for chamber ensemble


  • Bertrand, S. - Mirlitonades, for solo clarinet, after Beckett


  • Bertrand, S - Trop-plein, for solo clarinet

  • Boisvert, J.G. -Trio pour un homme seul, with piano and cello

  • Bouchard, L. - Ire,  for double chamber ensemble


  • Burke, R. - Objet trouvé, for solo clarinet


  • Crossman, A. - Eulogy for caged animals,  piano and wind quintet

  • Deschênes, B. - Pyramide, improvised music, violin, viola and piano

  • Faubert, J. - Requiem sans paroles, piano and string quartet

  • Frenette, C. - 3 mélodies, for solo clarinet
  • Gougeon, D. - Clarinette-terre, with piano
  • Gougeon, D. - Voix dans la nuit, 4 clarinets, 2 sopranos and percussion
  • Lippe, C. - Sketch for clarinet and  IRCAM Music Workstation
  • Longtin, M. - Pépin.Gaboriau, Ferron, et les autres, for double chamber ensemble 
  • Lussier, A. - Sous la pommeraie,   for solo clarinet
  • Pilon, D. - Winnipeg, impressions de voyage, for clarinet quartet 
  • St-Onges, J. - 6 oeuvres minimalistes, with guitar, percussion, tuba and double bass
  • Santiago, A. - Undecassiona,  for chamber ensemble 

  • Shoujounian, P. - Horovele,  for solo clarinet