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The technique of «work in progress»

From Domaines to Dialogue de l'ombre double, the language of Pierre Boulez evolves like a fine wine, which, energetic but austere in its youth becomes more delicate with maturity, have more depth, releases its fragrance, and becomes more seductive, attractive and accessible while retaining an exceptional purity. 


In Europe  Domaines as become part of the standard repertoire of the clarinet like the Mozart Concerto or Debussy's  Rhapsody . It is a virtuoso piece that impose considerable technical demands on the performer. As Stockhausen's Solo, it is an open work but of a very different nature. Clarinet concerto without being one as the soloist almost never plays with the instrumental ensemble, Domaines can be performed with 21 musicians, or as it is usually the case, as a solo work. 


Dialogue de l'ombre double is not a rewriting of Domaines,  a rewriting long promised by Boulez. Further development of Domaines, Work in progress, absolutely, but also an entirely new work, based on the six structures of the first page «Original» of  Domaines. Written at IRCAM, it uses a sophisticated technique of spatialisation. A very attractive work, perhaps the most popular of its author, who apparently uses the technique of citation. Indeed, Boulez quotes Stockhausen and Berio, or does he, and should we see there a post-modern Boulez?

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