Miniature works for great musician in the making !

La belle aventure originated in the necessity – and the dream – of filling an obvious gap in the Canadian repertoire for young clarinetists. In the end, it provides a vast panorama of contemporary creations embodied in some hundred short works, often miniatures. They are, most notably, works of high quality that are either fun or serious, and intended to be played by students in their first to sixth year of study on the clarinet. They were all composed between 2014 and 2018.


The goal of this project was both artistic and pedagogical: to develop a new repertoire whose quality and learning content would succeed in introducing young musicians to Quebec and Canadian composers. I ardently hope that these components will foster in these young musicians the desire to perform our composers’ works and to do so from the earliest years of their musical studies.


For composers who agreed to collaborate in this project, the challenge was twofold:  to work within highly restrictive parameters, with a purpose that was also very stimulating. Over twenty composers successfully met this challenge, and despite the constraints, everyone put their best foot forward. The greatest challenges were inherent in the simplest pieces – or so they seemed. If you listen successively to Petit train va loin by Robert Lemay, to Éric Champagne's Baba Cool, and to Bruce Mather's Colin-maillard, in three short minutes, three musical and poetic universes unfold before you.  


All works by Michalis Andronikou, Simon Bertrand, Éric Champagne, Jean Lesage, Hope Lee, Robert Lemay, and Bruce Mather are unaccompanied.


In the spirit of Karlheinz Stockhausen, I recorded these works in collaboration with their composers, and with the aim of providing future performers with a version of reference which, I hope, will also be a source of inspiration.


Pianist Philippe Prud'homme will join me for subsequent recordings featuring works by José Evangelista, Richard Gibson, Nicolas Gilbert, André Hamel, Martin Kutnovski, François-Hugues Leclair, Mathieu Lussier, Samy Moussa, Norbert Palej, Alain Perron, Bruce Pennycook, Donald Steven, and others…

Disponible chez :

Volume 1

Infos Volume 1

Level : beginner, first and second year


9 miniatures in the chalumeau register by  Robert Lemay, Hope Lee,  Michalis Andronikou, Bruce Mather Éric Champagne, and Simon Bertrand



Éric Champagne

Volume 2

Infos Volume 2

Intermediate level : third and fourth year


10 miniatures bu Simon Bertrand, Robert Lemay, Simon Bertrand, Michalis Andronikou, Bruce Mather, Hope Lee and Éric Champagne


Michalis Andronikou

Volume 3

Infos Volume 3

Advanced level : starting on fifth year


10 miniatures by Simon Bertrand, Robert Lemay, Michalis Andronikou, Jean Lesage and Bruce Mather


Simon Bertrand