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The clarinet in all its colors

From chalumeau to interactive clarinet: lots of love and some themes ...


Presentation of the clarinet in several variations: the family of chalumeaux, the classical classic, the modern clarinet - the one you  see everywhere -, clarinet hooked on computer;


the role of the professional clarinetist yesterday, today and tomorrow, here and around the world;


a lot of music; great historical and geographical journey;


the beauty of the life as a musician



There are few Canadian works of the highest quality for young clarinetists.


When he wants to enter a contest or just playing a solo in public, too often the young musician must play either transcriptions of the great European masters of the past or choose works by composers of other nationalities. Therefore, young musicians do not learn about Canadian composers, they are less likely to play them and naturally and inevitably, the public is also less in a position to appreciate them. Difficult situation!


With the creation of a large body of short  concert works - over 150 pieces - that can be played from the first to the sixth year of studies on the clarinet, we hope to bring a varied and pleasant repertoire to the young musicians.


These works will be composed by twenty (and more!) of the best Canadian composers. «Canadian music is beautiful» should become a leitmotiv among young clarinetists!


At the end of the project, the works will be recorded and published.


The first pieces arrived recently...



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